Where does the time go?

Hello everyone!

Not only am I back, but I’m actively shooting fetish work! I’m in sunny Tampa Florida shooting for http://brendasbound.com and http://futilestruggles.com

Go check them out to see me all tied up and sexy!


*hugs and kisses*



Clip Store

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, my launching of the site has been delayed, again. However, in the interim, I’m going to be launching a clip store!  There will be a link right here on my site to all my videos.  I totally want to hear from you, so let me know what you want to watch me do!


To tell the tooth…


I need FOUR root canals and crowns. 🙁

Any dentists want to barter? Hah.



Back to work!

I’m hard at work getting my pay site up and running, shooting lots of sets and best of all… I’m heading to shoot with Score again this week!


Big changes!

Hey everyone! I just got an investor, so expect big things coming soon!

There’s one change in my menu already 😉

– Jolie


Not Dead. Probably

I’m fairly certain I’m still alive.  Anybody got 5 grand?  *sigh*

Ooh, or an Android smart phone they don’t need anymore?




Hi everyone!

So, part of the reason updates have been nonexistent is because of some legal troubles.  With that in mind, does anyone know a good family lawyer in New Orleans that will work pro bono or cheap?

*hugs and kisses*




Breaking the Funk

I’m going to be at Twist of Lime in New Orleans this friday for a concert. It’s a small place, but one of my favorite bands is playing. Show starts at 10. I don’t know if there is a cover. (Personally I would pay $50 bucks to see these guys.)

I used to listen to this band while I was in Iraq and long before then.

I can’t wait. Going to get all dolled up and go have a GREAT night.


So Tell Me….

What do you think of my new site?